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On No Make-Up Adele

November 4, 2015

by Eric Darnell Pritchard

Adele Adkins insists upon coming to collect the very few edges we have left. Last week she did an old school, Harry Potter “avradacadavra” curse on our ENTIRE life, first with an open letter apologizing for being away from us so long:


Around the same time she appeared as the latest cover model for i-D Magazine which I posted about here, serving us the cat eye of life, and I was ALREADY ready for her to leave me alone, leave her album at my doorstep, and just go away.  She’s too damn amazing. I can’t take it anymore. But of course, whereas normal people know to go have a seat when they slay the entire Universe in just a matter of days, Adele is like NAH! let me revive them JUST so I can kill them again. And so within days of saying I am sorry I won that Oscar and disappeared on ya’ll, she shows up on our iTunes like “Hello”  ?



So, yesterday when I heard she was on the cover of Rolling Stone I was like, nope not looking. She will not do this to me again. Why is she in my mind this much and it hasn’t even been a full two weeks since that damn open letter? Do I need to charge her rent for living up in my head and my heart in this way? Not looking. Not ON TODAY. Welp, I looked anyway and while I do not regret it, my soul does. Because no make-up Adele is just as (if not even more) gorgeous than make-up Adele. Here are the receipts:


Now can we all go back to our business. Of course not. We have a magazine cover to obsess over the rest of the week? Thanks, Adele. Ugh. *Wall slides*


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Adele Returns, and on latest i-D Magazine

October 28, 2015

She’s baaaa-aaack! And on the cover of the latest issue of i-D Magazine. The photo is, of course gorgeous. My only wish – and this is not a critique of i-D because they generally do mostly feature only head shots of their cover subjects (see a previous post I did about their gorgeous Rihanna cover) – is that fashion magazines in general would stop only photographing ‪#Adele‬ in head shots and show her wonderful, voluptuous, full figure. I think this would set an important precedent for featuring plus size women on fashion magazines in general, and hopefully more often. Not doing so sends a bad message about body type, beauty and plus size women, and that’s not a message anyone should want to send. ‪

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Dior better have Rihanna’s coinTs …

April 23, 2015


Rihanna killed the “I Heart Radio” Awards! And did so wearing Lil’ Kim’s “Crush on You” coat and boots, En Vogue’s dress from the “Hold On” video, and exiting Ms. Diana Ross’s helicopter from her Super Bowl performance cuz’ she is all the icons and all the things! In Rihanna’s on words “Don’t Act Like You Forgot!” I live!!! Can’t wait for the new album and for those #Dior ads since she’s the new spokesmodel! Here’s hoping Dior has her check ready. I wouldn’t play games with Riri’s coinTs!



NYFW: Four Divine Divas Front Row at Zac Posen (Fall 2015)

April 23, 2015

Photo Feb 17, 4 37 57 PM

Music legend Mary J. Blige keeps good company. Here she is at Zac Posen’s Fall 2015 show with Rihanna,  Katie Holmes, and one of my FAVORITE stylists the legendary Misa Hylton, who “Empire” co-creator Lee Daniel’s calls the original Cookie Lyons (and you can totally see Hylton’s style all in Cookie’s looks on the show). I think it is hilarious  how everybody else is trying to get in the pic MJB is taking and make sure the damn camera is working, but Rihanna is busy serving the paparazzi at the same time, and giving fierce eyes I might add!


Lorde, Bianca Jagger & “Le Smoking”

April 23, 2015

Went to bed reading comments about Lorde in the Narciso Rodriguez suit at the Golden Globes Red Carpet.

Lorde Suit - globes15


Woke up wih Yves Saint Laurent’s pioneering “Le Smoking” suit in ’66 (depicted in Helmut Newton photo below, right) and also the iconic Bianca Jagger, the 70s “it girl” and tastemaker always taking advantage of any Glamourtunity presented to her in “Le Smoking.” I love a good photographic fashion history field trip!

Photo Jan 13, 9 52 56 AM