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Shopping: Marc Jacobs in Chicago

October 17, 2015

Picked up some much deserved goodies at @marcjacobs in Chicago. The sales staff there are especially kind and helpful, and I appreciate it. Shout out to them! And I got to see some of the pieces from that #DianaVreeland inspired collection he created for Fall 2015. It’s even more gorgeous in person!

Runway Review

NYFW: Marc Jacobs (Fall 2015)

April 22, 2015

It would take the legendary Diana Vreeland as a muse to radiate so many divine looks, and Marc Jacobs was smart enough to do it. This collection did not disappoint. I adored this collection so much I couldn’t stick to just three looks from it as I did with the others I’ve covered from NYFW so far. So the first three are these delicious looks with this marvelously opulent outerwear, the skirts he showed (usually with pleats) at this magnificent length. The top knot in the hair was my favorite beauty look at NYFW. It is just sublime! I can’t take it *fans self*

Photo Feb 20, 5 26 23 PM

Less the pleated skirts take all the attention, the power suit has been remade by Marc Jacobs in this show as well. These are three of my fave from among a few others in the show. The tailoring on these is fantastic, and the patterns are terrific. Both the pattern and the tailoring here, along with the styling (especially the hair and boot) reminded me very much of a Schiaparelli aesthetic. The proportions of the jacket and skirts are all great, and again, I especially love the styling of this with the looks with the boots.

Photo Feb 20, 5 42 50 PM

Of course I couldn’t let this review end without a little bit of humor. Was I the only one who looked at the black and white furs Marc Jacobs showed and thought of Cruella De Vil? They’re beautiful, no question, but she immediately came to mind as the coats give me all the drama, elegance, fierceness and fashion of the Disney film legend and fashionista. See for yourself  …

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 6.44.03 PM