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Adele Returns, and on latest i-D Magazine

October 28, 2015

She’s baaaa-aaack! And on the cover of the latest issue of i-D Magazine. The photo is, of course gorgeous. My only wish – and this is not a critique of i-D because they generally do mostly feature only head shots of their cover subjects (see a previous post I did about their gorgeous Rihanna cover) – is that fashion magazines in general would stop only photographing ‪#Adele‬ in head shots and show her wonderful, voluptuous, full figure. I think this would set an important precedent for featuring plus size women on fashion magazines in general, and hopefully more often. Not doing so sends a bad message about body type, beauty and plus size women, and that’s not a message anyone should want to send. ‪

News, News, WERK!

Rihanna covers I-D Magazine

April 23, 2015

Photo Jan 29, 1 35 24 PM

Rihanna is on the cover of the latest I-D Magazine serving you banji girl, box braid, globe sized-hoop earrings, 90s ride or die chick realness. And I’m here for all of it! The Duchess Dutty Wine couldn’t just wait to slay our lives when her new album “R8” will undoubtedly drop, run for a cliff, and take our edges with it!