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Questioning out Loud

June 13, 2017


What is feminism and who makes the decision? I’m confused. Honestly. Are you a feminist because you say you are? IF, in fact you are because you say you are then, who am I to say you’re not? In recent pop culture Amber Rose posted a pic of “whohah”, or as my great grandmother used to say, “her pocket book”, but for civilized discussion, we’ll say vagina. I clearly understand that the feminist movement emerged as a way of creating a dialogue of inclusion. The pinup girl flaunted feminine sexuality, but is the image and persona of Amber Rose hyper sexual? Does capitalizing by exploiting one’s talent or physical beauty marginalize the entire feminist movement? Or is it empowering to be in control?


The female body is beauty and art in and of itself. What troubles me is NOT the fact that she is half nude, it’s the fact that what she purports her image to be is unrealistic and can create unrealistic standards of beauty for young girls and women struggling with body image.

Although I admire her confidence and ability to be unapologetically Amber Rose, does she have a responsibility to use her platform in a different manner. The Slut Movement is a way of her reclaiming and re-appropriating negative and shame language. Or is it? Is this attention seeking behavior to the zenith power?

History repeats itself and continues to push the envelope forward. After all, she’s not the first celebrity to pose nude.


Sex sells. Drama is shocking and the ratings and approval or disapproval skyrockets. But guess what? We’re all talking about it. Whether we approve or not, it has created an opportunity for a conversation to have space. To expose thoughts, question norms and engage to understand, or not.  Just my glamourtunity for thought, or not.

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