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Madame Mitzvah Bricard: Mysterious Muse of Christian Dior

October 17, 2015

Madame Mitzah Bricard, a muse of legendary couturier Christian Dior whom he described as “one of those rare people whose only reason for living is elegance.” Madame was not playing no games! The Dior fragrance “Mitzah” is named after her and a company make-up line is too. She is said to have inspired the phrase “Miss Dior,” which is the name of another Dior fragrance and phrase that remains with the company and is used even today. Madame Bricard’s background is supposedly shrouded in mystery, with some suggesting she was a courtesan and others a Russian Princess. I don’t think it matters, and am wondering, why not both? Either way she’s every bit as elegant as Monsieur Dior exclaimed.

“When a man wants to send you flowers, say ‘my florist is Cartier'” – Madame Mitzvah Bricard, muse of Christian Dior. DULY NOTED.

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