Katy Perry Gave Me the Munchies & Missy Elliott Robbed the Hair Shop

April 23, 2015

Photo Feb 01, 8 45 46 PM

Twitter is so rude, but I cackled!!!! Well the dress is a Jeremy Scott so it is meant to have personality and is well tailored, I’ll give it that. But it didn’t do anything else for me but make me hungry and make a fun to the 7/11. In other news, this happened …

Photo Feb 01, 7 47 17 PM

And now anyone looking for some hair, Missy got it all. She was wearing 32 inches at least. Good gawd! Yes, Muvah Missy! Katy Perry did a good job, but Missy is who was trending number one worldwide on Twitter, was selling twenty year old singles on iTunes like they came out yesterday, and she didn’t even headline. Now that’s legendary status! Congrats Katy and Missy!


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