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Golden Globes Red Carpet Wrap-Up: Men’s Fashion & Style

February 13, 2015

Men’s fashion tends to always underwhelm most fashion critics because they always do the same classic tux. I love a good classic tux, but I also like when men show up on the carpet giving different takes on classic if they go that route.

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Two men’s looks on the Golden Globes red carpet I want to highlight were worn by Matt Bomer and Kevin Hart. Both are pretty close to a classic tux but make changes that riff off of the usual. Bomer, in Ralph Lauren Black Label goes for a navy tux with black lapels and black shoes, while Hart opted for a standard Black tux with white piping. Some didn’t like the piping, but I thought it looked good on him and that it was something different for a man on the red carpet that didn’t go totally awry, so that’s a win to him in my book. Bomer was my favorite man of the night, however. And both are great examples that men too can be a Glamourtunist.

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Two other male standouts for both similar and different reasons were Jared Leto and Alan Cumming. Both disrupted the men’s fashion on the red carpet with style choices that were winners and losers. Both going lighter for their attire, which I appreciated the effort. Leto’s white suit looked great, and put him in the white attire gowns trend we saw in the women’s side while looking very sophisticated and fresh. He chose to wear his hair in one single braid down the back, and the has tag #ManBraid went viral in no time. I predict we’ll see man braids on the runways of Men’s Fashion weeks in Paris and Milan in at the end of January and February, respectively. Not sure I am here for that trend, but I think it is here to stay for a bit. Alan Cumming was trying it in these sneakers. I’m not a fan. The nude suit is an interesting color choice, but just too monochromatic. Still, he definitely seems to have fun with style, and at least isn’t boring us like all the other men who I refuse to write about because they all look the exact same. So, good for you Alan Cumming. I wish more men and women would take risks on the red carpet!

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